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I’m a highly experienced startup co-founder who is energized by creative, collaborative work. My most fulfilling experiences have come from working closely with others to manifest ideas and translate them into reality. I’m passionate about brands that are fueled by mission, create rich IRL experiences for people, and are committed to making the world a better place. 

As a startup co-founder I’ve literally worn every possible hat! Here are some broad strokes: 

  • Hiring and leadership of a diverse, cross-functional team of badasses
  • Client relationship cultivation
  • Strategy development and tracking
  • Product and project management
  • Brand development  
  • Customer experience

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I believe that a best in class product requires Meg’s type of thoughtful, open, and soft power leadership that invites all members to own the product and advocate for each other.


Scott gale, vp engineering/founder at fluency, former director of product at cox automotive

"Meg is a hardworking, self-starter that is willing to take risks and do what needs to be done in order to grow companies. In her role at Localvore, Meg took on projects in many different areas and helped put people in place to support those initiatives. At the level that Meg was operating, she was required to handle anything in the company that would come up and was good about knowing when and where to get support. As a result, Meg has learned how to deal extremely well with ambiguity and problem solving. Meg brings solutions to the organization for problems she's identified. She is also proactive in guiding and implementing the vision for the organization. It's hard to find people like Meg."

C.D. Mattison, Principal UX Architect & Designer at Social Sentinel, Inc.

"Meg is detail oriented, quality focused, and was key to building strong, collaborative, cross-functional teams at Localvore. With a mix of in office and remote team members, Meg was the foundational bedrock in facilitating open and constructive communication, both internal and external to our business. Meg did an excellent job as a liaison between technical and business teams in establishing and managing the expectations of all parties. I believe that a best in class product requires Meg’s type of thoughtful, open, and soft power leadership that invites all members to own the product and advocate for each other. Meg made my work better. She is that person that every team wants in their corner."

Marguerite Dibble, president/ceo gametheory

"I was fortunate enough to work with Meg on a project in 2017 and was very impressed with her energy, focus, and innovative clarity. Meg is bringing to the tech industry exactly what it needs: a clear perspective for practically, and a thrilling chance to provide value to many through it. Meg has a natural ability for empathy, something also greatly needed in the tech field, and she couples that with an innate enthusiasm and unquenchable energy to do more and do better. She enjoys listening as much as delivering an opinion on what she has gleaned, and is always ready to learn more and grow. I would treasure the chance to work with Meg more in the future and have no doubt that her’s will be bright and full of shared opportunities for whomeever is fortunate enough to have such a rockstar join their team."




Localvore, Co-founder

December 2012 - February 2018

  • Under my leadership, gross sales grew +20% YOY 3 years in a row with over 660 merchant clients, and 36k paying users. Achieved $1M in gross sales and $500k in annual revenue in 2016.
  • Innovated on the traditional daily deal model to create a unique platform for restaurants to fundraise for non-profits while acquiring new customers and addressing their own cash flow pain. This led to raising over $30k in donations to local non-profits in 2016.
  • Grew the team from 3 co-founders to a team of 17. Hired and led a diverse, cross-functional team. I directly led the sales, account management, creative, and development teams. In addition, I led external consultants on budget development, PR, product competitive analysis, brand development, and event production. 
  • In my role as the product manager/owner following the agile software process, I worked with stakeholders to define projects, write user stories, prioritize the product backlog, perform QA and accept stories to support the release of production ready code. 
  • With an eye toward scale beyond Vermont and revenue stabilization, we pivoted to a SaaS product and subscription revenue model. After leading the new product development in 2017, I worked alongside the sales team to convert 10% of merchant clients to subscribers and launch the Boston market in month one (January 2018). 
Localvore is like hitting a triple word score in Scrabble–local businesses, local consumers, and local non-profits all benefit and help each other out at the same time.
— Localvore Customer
 Localvore team at Boston Local Food Festival

Localvore team at Boston Local Food Festival

Feminist Majority Foundation / Ms. Magazine, Digital communications specialist

January 2012 - December 2012

  • Developed social media and email strategy to grow community and increase engagement, including a viral campaign focused on the Affordable Care Act and birth control access.
  • Managed 'Feminists for Obama' campaign online presence.




Outright vermont, co-chair, board of directors

November 2016 - Present

Since 1989, Outright Vermont has provided support, advocacy, and celebration of young queer people so that they have the desire to live and the ability to live thriving, joyful lives. I began my volunteer work with Outright as a Friday Nigh Group facilitator in 2014, joined the Board of Directors in November 2016, and became Co-Chair of the Board of Directors in January 2018. 

lesbians who tech, burlington city director

October 2014 - March 2017

Lesbians Who Tech is a community of queer women in and around tech (and the people who love them). I became the City Director for LWT Burlington in 2014 and cultivated a local community of queer women in tech through happy hour events. I also partnered with LaunchVT and the Vermont Women's Business Center in 2016 to offer a hands-on workshop with the goal of supporting queer entrepreneurs and fostering diversity in the Vermont tech/startup community. 



St. Lawrence University

Graduated December 2011


New York State Independent College Consortium for Study in India (NYSICCSI)
Fall Semester 2010


Phone: 802.343.6376
Address: New York, NY